Some Shocked at ‘Wiz’s’ All-Black Cast

The Wiz Live premiered on NBC last night and it was thee bomb!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that the production was a remake of the hit 70s film, The Wiz. 

But some white people missed the memo, and actually questioned why the production featured an all-Black cast.

“Can you imagine the outrage if a show advertised an “All White Cast?!” But #TheWizLive is getting praised for having an “All Black Cast”… – @4princessmel

“I just learned there is a black version of The Wizard of Oz called “The Wiz” — how is this not racist?” – @MJTM

“@nbc why are there no whites starring in #TheWiz? this is racist! can u imagine if it were the other way? #whitelivesmatter #TheWizLive: – KoneyDetroit


If you haven’t heard of The Wiz that’s fine. But coming down on a production that features an all-Black cast is a prime example of white privilege.

Both The Wiz (1974) and The Wizard of Oz (1939) were adaptations of the 1900 book of the same name. No one complained about the all-white cast in The Wizard of Oz, and I’m pretty sure that white folks wouldn’t be complaining if the cast from last night’s production was all-white.

Dear racist white people: cut it out and have several seats while you’re at it.