SMH: Racist Town; Apartment Discrimination

JET finds some of the most ridiculous headlines and let’s you decide which is worse:

A white supremacist has big ideas for a small town, 60 miles southwest of Bismarck, North Dakota. Craig Cobb, 61, moved to Leith and has been slowly purchasing property with the goal of turning it into a “white enclave,” according to the

He currently owns 12 plots, including a home. Cobb wants to attract other supremacists so they can share his vision, the town’s Tribune reports.

If that’s not bad enough, he’s also wanted in Canada for hate crimes.

And in other news…

A group has filed a lawsuit against managers of a New York apartment building for consistently discriminating against Black renters.

ERASE Racism and the Fair Housing Justice Center filed this week in a federal district court.

This paragraph is taken from

“The lawsuit alleges that an ‘Apartment for Rent’ sign appeared at the building’s entrance, but the building superintendent discouraged black renters from applying by not showing available apartments, quoting higher rents, or suggesting that black applicants would have to be added to a non-existent waiting list.”


(“Confused Black Woman” image via Shutterstock)