SMH: Stand Your Ground

Credit: Thinkstock

We find some of the most ridiculous headlines and lets you decide which is worse:

First George Zimmerman, now William T. Woodward. The second name might not ring a bell for you, yet, so here’s the scoop. Like Zimmerman, he’s a Florida resident, which means he can use the controversial Stand Your Ground law, if he sees fit. Looks like he’s trying to do that now.

Police say he shot three people at a Labor Day party last year and now his attorneys have filed a motion to demand the jury dismiss the murder charges under the state’s law. That motion, according to, says Woodward had been threatened on multiple occasions, which led to the incident.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a Dallas man has been charged after allegedly shooting a 7-year-old boy in the face. The child is in critical condition. Brian Cloninger, 46, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with injury to a child. According to a witness, the boy was playing “tag” with other children at the time of the shooting. Police do not have a motive at the time and bail has been set a $2.2 million. You can read the full story here.