Slave Barracks Unearthed in Maryland

Maryland field techs were attempting to find signs of French Commander Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau’s 1781 encampment. Instead, they found something that would surprise even the most professional archaeologist.

The archaeologists uncovered historic slave barracks where they worked and walked over 200 years ago in Millersville, Maryland. “You can see that the bricks here are turned on their end, and there are some wear marks in here. This is the exact surface,” said SHA chief archaeologist Julie Schablitsky.

Found beneath a 20th-century house, the quarters speak to the lifestyles of the slaves that worked and lived there. “All these things sort of tell us what they ate, how they supplemented their diet, what they did in their spare time and how this building was used,” Schablitsky told Baltimore news station WBAL.

The property is currently owned by a private school called the Rockbridge Academy.