Side Eye: Guy Steals Police Gun, Shoots, Doesn’t Die

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Don’t resist, they say! If you’re Eric Garner, Michael Brown or whomever happens to be black and encountering the long arm of the law, you’re told that if you don’t resist the whims of our most stalwart protectors no one would get hurt. Why? Because police hurt people who try to mouth-off, fight them, take their gun or resist arrest in any form. Except when they don’t, which was the case of one man who wilded out at Chicago area Walgreens.

On Valentine’s Day, two police officers approached Thomas Thompson, 33, and managed to not murder him after Thompson wrestled with the officers, took one officer’s gun, and fired off one shot at them. The police were responding to a claim of shoplifting at an Andersonville  Walgreens when they encountered the belligerent Thompson who, despite the whole “fought the police, shot at the police and was arrested without further incident” managed to not be beat to death or shot.

A still alive Thompson was eventually charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder, one count of disarming an officer, one felony count of drug possession and one count of misdemeanor retail theft.

Why didn’t Thompson get cut down in a hail of gunfire? Maybe Thompson resisted police in a tender, loving Valentine’s Day way? Perhaps the bullet fired flew out like Cupid’s arrow, narrowly striking the officers with its affection? Or maybe he was a tiny, delicate looking man who didn’t seem threatening as he fought the police? Oh wait, Thompson was actually described as “a large man and it was a difficult process to overpower him.”

Um, maybe Thompson wasn’t Black?

Yeah. Probably that last one.

Remember, allegedly sell loose cigarettes, allegedly steal cigars, be a child playing with a toy gun or ask the officer why they’re arresting you and you may die at the hands of police while Black. Actually try to murder them with their own gun while white? Go for it. Fifty-fifty shot, you won’t die.