‘Sick-out’ Movement Gains Momentum in Detroit

Teachers in Detroit are planning to protest outside of a court where a judge is to hear arguments in a case that could force teachers to stop boycotting school.

Last week, teachers in the city held a “sick-out” in protest of unfair pay, over-sized classes, building conditions and Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to overhaul the district.

Teachers also say that officials haven’t responded well enough to their complaints about leaky roofs, rodents and mold in school buildings.

The move has caused thousands of students to miss classes. Two schools are closed Monday due to the high volume of teacher absences.

Steve Conn is a teacher and activist affiliated with the movement. He says the governor and the school district’s emergency manager should be put on trial, not the teachers.

Detroit has about 100 public schools and 46,000 students. Check back for updates.