Should Prisons Allow Conjugal Visits?

Credit: Thinkstock

Conjugal visits at a Southern prison will be coming to an end soon.

As of Feb. 1, hourlong conjugal visits at Mississippi State Penitentiary will no longer be allowed. According to The New York Times, the prison commissioner Christopher B. Epps is blaming the change on budget cuts and “the number of babies being born possibly as a result.”

Interestingly enough, the program began at that same prison in the early 1900s as a “prisoner-control practice.” Back then, the penitentiary was known as Parchman Farm and the warden believed the promise of sex would “compel Black men to work harder in the fields.”

Today, only five states, including Mississippi, allow conjugal visits and those who rely on them have expressed displeasure toward the change in policy through social media. A rally is scheduled for Friday in Jackson, Mississippi to protest the change.

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