Shanesha Taylor Faces Trial

Remember Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mother who was punished for leaving her children in a hot car while going on a job interview?

Welp, she’s back in the headlines and this time, it has quite a few people giving her a questionable eye.

Taylor garnered national attention and financial support from strangers in the sum of $114,000 when her story originally broke in March. People were compassionate after seeing her teary-eyed mugshot and felt it unjust that a homeless mother was charged with felony child abuse.

Following her case, prosecutors in Scottsdale agreed to drop the charges under certain conditions. Taylor was ordered by the judge to set aside $40,000 of her received donations to begin a trust fund for her children.

She was given a deadline and unfortunately that deadline has come and gone without follow-through on Taylor’s end of the deal.

Taylor is still currently unemployed and prosecutors claim the donated funds are spent on “non-essential things like cable TV, clothes and dining out.”

Sharnesha told the court that she did not open a trust fund for her children due to concerns about the restrictions placed on the cash.

The question at hand: Where is the money?

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Taylor now faces two felony charges of child abuse and is expected to go on trial on December 10.