Shame on Ray Rice Costume “Tributes”

To be quite frank, I knew this was coming.

As soon as news emerged about a former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice hitting his now wife, Janay Rice, I knew people were going to think of it as the perfect Halloween couples’ costume.

Except it’s not.

Domestic violence is not a laughing matter. Has not been, never will be. So why poke fun at such a delicate situation?

Short answer: Because people are idiots.

But, of course, the stupidity did not stop there.

Over the weekend, a couple decided to dress as Ray and Janay…in blackface. Just how ignorant can you be? Have we learned nothing from the busted blackface costumes from last year?!

ESPN commentator Keith Olbermann documented the incidents on his Twitter account:

This person should not be allowed to have kids.

Seriously, this makes me sick to my stomach. This tweet from Janay Rice perfectly summarizes the situation:

There’s just so much wrong with these so-called costumes. They’re disgusting. They’re distasteful. And they’re downright disturbing.

YOUR TURN: What do you think about the Ray Rice costumes? Do you think anything will deter this revolting trend? Sound off in the comments!