Watch: Disturbing Video of Floyd Dent Beating

It’s the footage that officers involved in the January traffic stop arrest of Inkster man, Floyd Dent, did not want exposed to the public.  Now, we know why.

On camera, as the arresting officers are cleaning blood from their uniforms, it appears they are mocking the violent arrest while laughing and giving each other “dap”.

Meanwhile, Dent is slightly off-camera suffering from head trauma, broken ribs and fractured orbital caused by the brutal beating.

Oh, and during this fiasco, an ambulance had yet to be contacted on behalf of Dent’s injuries.

The five-minute footage, available below, has no audio but as the saying goes and seems to be the case here, “actions speak louder than words.”

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“Quite honestly, they are disgusting,” Dent’s attorney Greg Rohl told WDIV Detroit. “They show officers making fun of Floyd. They show them congratulating each other for this beat down and the whole time he is there watching.”

The Inkster Police watched the videos and claimed they do not “deserve to have them as part of [Dent’s] defense against serious felonies” he was charged with at the time of his arrest.

Dent initially faced drug charges but those have been dropped after a judge viewed the vicious beating and trauma caused by the officers.

Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor, dropped the rest of Dent’s charges as well and turned the tables by filing charges against Officer Melendez, who is depicted beating and choking Dent on the original dash cam video.

Melendez has since been fired from the police force.

Police brutality is gaining a more visible profile in pop culture. “Officers of the law” are being caught on tape being  both cocky and brutal in their treatment of civilians.

Chasing down crime or not, excessive force is disgusting.  Look no further than the horror of the Freddie Gray case.

This issue is not going away, and JET is committed to making sure as many people as possible bear witness through our coverage.  Generations are being wiped out, beaten and bruised by the hands of those we were taught would protect and serve.  It is appalling and unacceptable.