Say What? News Anchor Slammed for Racial Slur

An example of what NOT to do.

In an attempt to compliment Lady Gaga’s Oscar 2015 music performance, Cleveland anchor, Kristi Capel of Fox 8, instead showed her ignorance by describing Gaga’s sound as “jigaboo music.”  Watch the CLIP in that link, then…

Come again?

Giggling her way through the delivery of the racial slur, co-anchor Wayne Dawson has an interesting reaction. Was it cover-up for TV viewers and sake of professionalism? Did he scold or educate Capel when the mics and cameras were off?

If not, she got a verbal beating from social media who wasted no time calling the former Miss Missouri USA out on her use of the offensive term not once, but twice.

To which she responded with… wait for it….



Sorry, Kristi no “pass go” on this one. You’re a journalist. Your tools of the trade are words and description, so to speak on something to which you lack understanding, harms your credibility. And that apology screams further insult.

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