Say What? Mayoral Candidate Addresses “Whitey”

JET often highlights the ridiculous racially tinged and outright racist comments of high profile people.  More times than not, the people in question happen to be disparaging minority communities. Case in point: We wrote about a communications expert who reportedly compared Black people to zoo animals earlier today. 

But here is a case in which a mayoral candidate in Chicago decided to open his mouth and insert a foot in it.

The whole foot, all the way up to the ankle.

To be fair: Willie Wilson, a self-made millionaire, is not known for his eloquence.  (But then again, what recent Windy City Mayor has been?)

However, Mr. Wilson went there during an address in which he spoke to “whiteys” and assured them he wasn’t bigoted.


We think he might have been more convincing had he not used a racial term more appropriate for an episode of The Jeffersons. #TBT

Read the rest of this mind boggling and shenanigans-filled story HERE at the Chicago Sun-Times.