Trooper Indicted Over Sandra Bland Stop Fired

Sandra Bland

A Texas state trooper indicted over his arrest of a Black motorist who was later found dead in a Waller County jail cell has been officially fired.

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s announcement comes three months after Brian Encinia was charged with perjury. regarding details of his arrest of Sandra Bland.

The confrontational traffic stop, which was recorded on dashcam video, sparked mass national protest upon the video’s release.

An attorney representing Encinia said the indictment isn’t justified and that his client was looking out for his own safety.

Bland, a 28-year-old Black woman from suburban Chicago, had arrived in the state days before she was slated to start a new job. Her family has sued the Department of Public Safety and local authorities who ran the jail where she was found dead.

Her death was ruled a suicide, but Bland’s family contends that she would never take her own life.

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