Sandra Bland Mural Defaced

A mural dedicated to the memory of Sandra Bland was defaced hours after it was completed in Canada, Buzzfeed reports.

Bland died while in police custody earlier this month at a Texas jail. Her death has sparked social media uproar in response to what many feel like is a growing issue between Black citizens and police.

Authorities have said Bland committed suicide, but family members are disputing that claim.

Her death is currently under investigation.

The mural, created by the Blak Collectiv, was painted on a public wall dedicated to graffiti in downtown Ottawa. Activists started using the wall earlier this month, tagging it with “Black Lives Matter” and the artists’ signature.

The initial mural was vandalized with the words “Stay Off” and the Blak Collectiv’s signature crossed out. According to reports, members of Ottawa’s tagging community were dissatisfied with the work’s quality and the fact that it was covering up other art.

“I’m all for people protesting, but think of what you’re doing first,”artist Mike Gall told Metro Ottawa.

Blak Collectiv members Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre responded by painting a vibrant mural of Bland. But that one was treated with the same disrespect as the first one.

Not even two days after its completion, someone had defaced it with an “All Lives Matter” caption.

Activists responded by painting Bland’s name back over the phrase soon after.

Ottawa’s Black Lives Matter coalition wrote on its Facebook page that it “will NOT accept this as a reality of our city’s treatment of the importance of Black lives and will continue to take a stance against such racist actions.”