San Bernardino School Shooting A Murder-Suicide Due to Domestic Violence

It seems like every week a mass shooting is in the news, which is further proof of the need for gun control in this country. This time, a shooting was the result of domestic violence.

On Monday, 3 people were killed in a shooting at a San Bernardino elementary school. Police are calling it a murder-suicide which left the teacher, a student and the shooter dead. Another student was critically wounded.

According to police, the children were not the intended target, but were close to the teacher at North Park Elementary School when the suspect came in the classroom and fired.

This is believed to have been a domestic dispute between the gunman, Cedric Anderson, 53, and the teacher, his estranged wife, Karen Smith, 53. Smith was a teacher in the special-needs classroom for first through fourth grade students. The recently married couple, who wed in January, had been separated for a month.

Anderson entered the school by checking in to the front desk with his ID saying he had to drop something off for his wife.

“There was no indication the gun was visible upon his arrival at the school,” said San Bernardino police Capt. Ron Maass at a news conference.

The student who died in the shooting was 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez. He had been airlifted to the hospital. The name of the 9-year-old student who was wounded has not been released,  but they are in stable in condition.

North Park Elementary School has 600 students in grades kindergarten through sixth, and was placed on lockdown following the shooting. Students were taken to a local college campus and parents were told they could pick up their kids at a nearby high school.

Given the circumstances surrounding this shooting, more schools may decide to put metal detectors in place and will stop allowing guests to go into classrooms.