Saint Louis Zoo Removes Hanging Ghosts Deemed Offensive

Halloween Ghosts
Photo from KPLR 1

By// Chandler Rollins

Decorative Halloween ghosts said to resemble African-Americans being lynched have been removed from the St. Louis Zoo, reports KMOV. The Halloween display consisting of about ten ghosts with Black faces hanging from trees was a part of the “Boo at the Zoo” Halloween event.

Zoo officials say the decorations were created by an outside vendor and were designed to look like faceless ghosts, with a light in the head, to illuminate the face at night. During the day however, the effect was lost leaving only the Black face, which has lead to the misleading impression.

Although not all response to the exhibit have been negative, zoo officials reassure the public that there was never an intention to offend their patrons.

“We’ve looked at what we’ve seen in terms of photographs, we’ve discussed and we’ve made the decision that we’ll take them down,” said Wyndel Hill, Vice President of Internal Relations in an interview with the station.