Wait, What? Racial Slur Leads to Train Brawl

What is happening in the minds of people?

Let’s travel to Sacramento for a moment where an elderly man slapped a teenager while riding the light rail.

In a video that extends slightly over the one minute mark, a Black gray-haired man can be seen arguing with a white teenager. Intense words are exchanged.

The verbal altercation heightens after the teen calls the man a n-word. Without a seeming second between thoughts, the man uses every bit of power in his hand to slap the teen to the ground.

For some strange reason, the teen still felt a form of power and privilege because even while on the ground, he repeats the racial slur.

Le sigh. When will folks learn that racial slurs are one of the quickest ways to see how fast your life can change?

People, let’s end the racial disrespect and find sanity.