Rupert Murdoch Suggests Welfare Made 400-lb Woman Obese

By//Jessica Paris

Apparently the rule “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” doesn’t apply to Rupert Murdoch. The overly opinionated media mogul was caught running his mouth again on Tuesday when he made a racist, insensitive comment following the news story about a 400-pound black woman who fell through New York City sidewalk while waiting on her bus. In response, Murdoch tweeted this, suggesting that welfare and food stamps were to blame for the woman being overweight:

Needless to say the comment ruffled more than a few of his followers’ feathers and he immediately backpedaled and tried to “fix” the previous tweet with a half apology:  

Murdoch’s comments came after his own newspaper, the New York Post published an article that reported that 32-year-old Ulanda Williams was standing under an awning to get out of the rain, when the concrete beneath her gave way. “I was standing there approximately 10 seconds and when that occurred, I just fell right through,” said Williams. “It happened so instantly that I didn’t even recognize anything. Cement was all over me, debris.” According to the Post, Williams luckily only suffered a broken arm along with a few cuts and bruises but could have died had it not been for her size.