“Runnin’ Ni****” Target Sold at Gun Show

The disease of racism strikes again.

This time it’s Sioux Falls, North Dakota and it’s a vendor selling “Runnin’ Ni****” targets for 10 cents at a gun show. Naturally, the man selling the posters didn’t see what the big deal was, explaining, “You know, there are some black people, and then there are some Negroes.” 

But this person wasn’t selling “Runnin’ Negroes” posters. Not that “Negro” would make it less racist.

The vendor claimed he’d already sold 500 copies of the posters (hot item), so he didn’t see what the big deal was. Obviously he was shilling a popular and wanted product. The vendor was eventually bounced from the gun show once organizers were made aware a guy had sold 500 racists signs encouraging the murder of Black people.

Bob Campbell, the organizer behind the show, said the vendor was banned from the show and any future shows.

“I take pride in the work I do and the quality of the shows I put out,” he said. “And I’m very disappointed, disgusted to see what was on that table.”

“I was not aware it was there or it would have been gone,” he added. “I expect that I will not see it again at any of the other Dakota territory shows.”

Check out the video below for more: