Former NFL Defenseman Found Murdered in Home

Robert Eddins in 2011 Buffalo Bills roster photo. AP

Former Buffalo Bills defensive end Robert Eddins was among two men found dead from gunshot wounds in his home in Detroit on Tuesday.

Eddins, 28, and the second man, identified by family members as Ricky McFarland were found by Eddins father, WJBK-TV reported. The victims may have known the suspect, police said, because there were no signs of forced entry to the house and also the stove was on, leading officials to believe the killer tried to cover up the crime.

Eddins’ mother, Bridget said the family does not know what happened and that he had been heard from recently. “The last time he had spoken to him was 6 p.m. last evening,” she said. “Between then and now is when the crime occurred.

“All they know is they went out last night,” Bridget said. “There isn’t a car here. There’s nothing here. That’s his dad’s truck. He came here and found him. That’s all we know, dead in the basement. Shot.”

Detroit police have made no arrests in the case yet. Their homicide investigation is continuing.

Eddins played for the Bills for a season in 2011 and also played as a defenseman for Ball State. After playing in Buffalo, he signed on as an undrafted free agent, remaining on the practice squad, according to NBC Sports. He later played in the Canadian Football League with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but left after a hamstring injury in 2014.

Image: Robert Eddins in 2011 Buffalo Bills roster photo. AP