RNC Hires Three New Black Strategists


The Republican National Committee is looking to broaden its initiatives with African American outreach and vote strategy, according to NBC News.

With less than three months left to election day, the party hired three new experienced Black strategists this week.

The newest members of GOP are former elected Georgia official Ashley Bell, Alabama professor Shannon Reeves and political consulting veteran Elroy Sailor.

Sailor, who will be a senior advisor to GOP chairman Rance Priebus, said he is looking forward to his new role.

“We will build out the resources that will be required whether it’s human resources, whether it’s financial resources based on how the plans and objectives unfold,” he said.

He continued, “I think it’s historic, we’re known in the community. The people that Chairman Priebus are looking for are more than just placeholders, they’re looking for something that will last past an election cycle.”

Bell served as Hall County commissioner as a Democrat in Georgia. He switched to the Republican party in 2010. He supported Sen. Rand Paul for President and then put his support behind Sen. Marco Rubio.

The RNC’s decision to hire Bell, Reeves and Sailor comes at a crucial time for the Republican party as its presidential nominee has failed to make ties with the African American community.

“This is a state by state battle so resources will be deployed by state. We have 11 battleground states and each of those states are hiring coalition directors. That coalition director’s job will be to make sure that they are reaching out and growing the party and trying to get as many votes as they can and down the tickets,” said Bell, a one-time president of the College Democrats of America.

The new hires arrive as recent polls show Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump obtaining less than two percent support from Black voters. Trump also received zero percent in key states Ohio and Pennsylvania.