Rick Ross Named in Rape Suit Involving Bodyguard

Entertainer Rick Ross has been named in a new lawsuit claiming his bodyguard raped a woman in Feb. after drugging her, according to The New York Daily News.

The alleged victim, identified as “Jane Doe,” claims she first met Thaddeus James in Mar. 2013 when she was pursuing a job with Ross when the assault took place this year.

In the filing, Doe says James met her at a W Hotel in Los Angeles on Feb. 7. The hired muscle invited her to ride with him and Ross in a private van to Cannabis Cup, a marijuana convention in neighboring San Bernardino.

The woman said that she was asked by James to procure champagne and glasses for Ross, who was performing at the event.

On the way back to L.A., the woman said James offered her some liquor but “turned away” while pouring.

“It is at this time that defendant (James) drugged plaintiff’s beverage,” the lawsuit alleges.

The woman says she blacked out for the rest of the ride and was ushered to James’ hotel room while “completely disoriented.”

Jane Doe says she finally regained consciousness the next morning, and noticed her clothes were out of placed and found evidence she had been raped and sodomized.

She immediately told two friends who told her not to contact police because she couldn’t clearly recall what happened, according to the paperwork.

The woman then fled to Texas to be with her sister and eventually contacted police. The lawsuit also states that because she was in such a rush, she had not yet laundered the clothes she wore the day of the alleged assault, so they still “contain DNA evidence of the rape.”

The lawsuit names Ross and his Maybach Music Group as defendants, arguing they hired James and “fostered an environment in which drugs and rape were not only tolerated and condoned but encouraged.”

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