Rest in Power: Karyn Washington, For Brown Girls

When I first learned about Karyn Washington’s apparent suicide via Instagram, I thought “no, no, no, this has to be a mistake!!”


Although I didn’t know the founder of For Brown Girls personally, we had communicated off and on via social media and emailed. She struck me as someone very passionate about life and advancing the well being of Black women everywhere…and for this, I adored her!

Her response to A$ap Rocky’s ignorant comments about Black women looking less attractive in red lipstick sparked a movement: #DarkSkinRedLip. I don’t usually wear lipstick at all, but Washington encouraged me to participate and it was awesome!

Sure, it may have just been a selfie, but if these pictures can inspire confidence in at least one brown girl…then it’s so worth it.

I can’t believe Washington is gone, but I can only hope and pray this will be a learning lesson for all of us. Don’t take this life for granted. Tell your friends and family you love them on a regular basis…you never know what struggles someone is going through.

Rest in peace, Karyn. You will be missed!!