Report: Tamir Rice’s Mother is Homeless

The mother of a 12-year-old boy who was fatally wounded by Ohio police last year has moved into a homeless shelter.

Tamir Rice was gunned down as he played with a toy gun in a Westside park last November. His family has filed a civil suit against the City of Cleveland.

The city has asked his family to halt their suit until an official investigation is concluded, but Rice’s family said they cannot agree to hold off on their lawsuit because they are worried that crucial evidence could be lost, reports the Washington Post.

The investigation’s drawn out pace has caused significant stress on the family, so much to the point that his mother gave up her home.

“In particular, Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice’s mother, has since been forced to move to a homeless shelter because she could no longer live next door to the killing field of her son,” the motion said.

The family has yet to bury Rice because it is unclear if there will be need for any additional medical examination.

“Plaintiffs are incurring expense daily and are unsure if they can finally rest Tamir Rice due to the pending investigation,” the motion filed by the family reads. “A stay would exacerbate this expense and emotional distress.”

Rice was shot on Nov. 22 as he threw snowballs and played with a toy gun in a Cleveland park near his home. A resident saw Tamir with the toy gun and called police, telling them there was a boy playing with what looked like a gun. The caller told the dispatcher that it was most likely a toy. Cops pulled up and shot Rice less than 5 seconds after they arrived.

Unfortunately, Tamir’s fate is that of many Black men in America. Hopefully his family can gain peace.