Report: The State of Black Equality

Credit: Shutterstock

Given the recent societal injustices, it may come as no surprise that Black America still fares far less than White America when it comes to equality.

In a recent report released by the State of Black America and conducted by the National Urban League, analysis show that white peers rank higher when it comes to economics, social justice, education, and financial equality – with Blacks ranking 72.2 percent compared to Whites.

The 2015 index displays this figure is an increase from 2014 and in other parts of the country, inequality is worse.

This also extends to academics in which the study indicates that in some areas, black student graduation rates are up to 35 percent lower than their white peers.

The numbers and analysis show a slow progression of living a life where the hue of your skin is not a determining factor in your livelihood.

One can only continue to hope that a change comes and we see a future where poverty is no longer a grand part of dialogue.

Read the full report, Here.