Myth About Blacks, Gun Violence Debunked

Gun violence continues to plague America, particularly low income communities of color. Often, the theory that many Blacks are passive when it comes to constant killings in their neighborhoods prevails in contrast to killings by police, but a recent report debunks that theory.

The report, Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence, reveals that African Americans are just as committed to ridding their communities of gun violence.

Here are some of its findings.

Fifty-four percent of Blacks surveyed described police brutality as an “extremely serious” problem. Eighty percent of African Americans described gun violence in the country as an “extremely serious” problem. Blacks also view police brutality and gun violence as being interconnected, with many (60 percent) believing that “fewer guns on the streets would improve the relationship between the police and the communities they serve.”

“These findings clearly demonstrate that gun violence stems from the intersection of several issues, including easy access to firearms, systemic deprivation, and fragmented responses by governments, police, and communities,” the report said. “Reducing gun violence therefore requires a similarly multifaceted approach.”

Click here for the full report.