Report: Black Unemployment Hits Record Low

The unemployment rate for African Americans fell below 10 percent last month, Black Enterprise reports. This is the first time the rate has seen single digits since the economic recession.

During 2008’s economic downturn, Black unemployment peaked at 16.8 percent in Mar. 2010. Unemployment for whites was almost half that rate. April’s unemployment rate for Blacks stood at 9.6 percent.

Despite showing signs of marginal improvement, it’s clear that the unemployment gap remains an obstacle for the Black worker in America. The national unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, but for Blacks in states like Illinois, Michigan, California and Pennsylvania, rates above 12 percent still remain an obstacle.

The report also shows a contrast between how much white and Black college graduates who are working get paid. The median weekly paycheck for a white college graduate last year was $1,132, while Black college grads collected an average of $895 per paycheck.

Discrimination and workplace bias are definitely at play, and these statistics show that more work needs to be done in terms of creating opportunities for Blacks to work and thrive.