Renisha McBride Rally Seeks “Transparency”

Credit: Creatas

Protestors and community leaders gathered at the Dearborn Police Heights Department in Michigan Thursday evening to demand justice for slain teenage Renisha McBride.

McBride was allegedly shot in the head by a homeowner after she sought help following a car accident. Police have not yet identified the homeowner, nor have they arrested the man who claims he thought the 19-year-old was going to rob him and accidentally fired his shotgun.

Family members believe McBride was the victim of racial profiling.

dream hampton, author and activist, who arranged the rally along with Yusef Shakur is seeking “transparency” in the case, she told Huffington Post.

The NAACP Detroit branch also issued a statement calling for justice:

“Have we become a society where we are no longer our neighbors’ keeper? This shooting must be investigated at every level. Following the lead of the Dearborn Heights Police Department and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, we must bring to justice any person found guilty of this tragedy. This death appears to be an overreaction to a young woman in need of help.”

JET will keep you posted on any further developments. Below is a short film hampton created in honor of the slain teen: