Remembering Comedian Charlie Murphy

CHARLIE MURPHY as Semaj in Alcon Entertainment’s comedy “LOTTERY TICKET,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

In both sad and shocking news, comedian Charlie Murphy died today at the age of 57 after a battle with leukemia. Murphy’s manager says he died in a New York City hospital where he was undergoing chemotherapy.

According to TMZ, family and friends are shocked because they thought he was getting better. They even said Murphy joked about them calling him too much.

Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy, is most known for his role co-starring role on Chappelle’s Show and the stories and skits he told about partying with Rick James and Prince.

He was a stand-up comedian in his own right and was recently on tour with Cedric “The Entertainer,” Eddie Griffin, George Lopez and D.L. Hughley on The Comedy Get Down.

This news comes as a shock to everyone because Murphy’s illness was never made public. No one knows how long he was battling this disease.

In 2009, Murphy lost his wife, Tisha Murphy to cervical cancer. They had 2 children during their marriage and Murphy had another from a previous relationship.

Remembering some of Charlie’s funniest moments after the jump.