Recruit Rejects Oklahoma After Racist Video

Photo via Jean Delance's Twitter

Four-star football recruit Jean Delance is saying no to University of Oklahoma and yes to Alabama after a video surfaced online of now defunct fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon doing a racist chant.

The offensive tackle who had already committed to attend OU was “clearly disturbed” by the video and it influenced his decision to not attend the school.

Wrote Huffington Post:

There had been whispers that Delance was reconsidering his commitment even before he saw the video. But Bob Przybylo, a publisher at and a member of the network, tweeted on Monday that he had talked with Delance about the video and that it had “clearly disturbed” the four-star recruit.


In an interview with a CBS affiliate in Dallas-Ft. Worthon Monday, Delance called the video “disturbing” and said he wouldn’t want his “son or child to go there or to anywhere like that.”

“Very uneducated people,” he said. “I wouldn’t want my son or child to go there or to anywhere like that. It was just very disturbing to me. I didn’t like it.” wrote about the controversial video showing OU students singing the racist chant on Monday. Click here to read more.