The Son Rae Carruth Tried To Kill Forgives Him

Rae Carruth Son Feature

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth was the first-round draft choice for Carolina in 1997. Two years later he would shock the sports world.

Cherica Adams was killed in 1999 in a murder conspiracy masterminded by Carruth. The former NFL star hired a man to kill Cherica, his then on again off again girlfriend, because she was eight months pregnant with his child.

The reason? He didn’t want to pay child support.

While Cherica did not make it, her unborn child, Chancellor Lee Adams, survived but was severely damaged.

Now 16, Chancellor known affectionately as “Lee,” has cerebral palsy and brain damage as a result of his mother’s death. The teen undergoes regular physical therapy and is under the care of his grandmother, Saundra Adams, who has devoted her life to raising her grandson.

ray carruth mugshot

NFL star Rae Carruth murdered Cherica Adams in 1999 because he didn’t want to pay child support.


Rae Carruth, who hasn’t seen his son since he was a year old, has a projected release date for Oct. 22, 2018. Saundra Adams says her and Lee will be there to meet him. She wants her grandson to have some sort of relationship with his only living parent. Her strong belief system has helped her not only forgive Rae for her daughter’s murder, but has also helped her take care of her special needs grandson.

“I can’t believe 17 years has gone by,” Adams says. “I remember it like it was just yesterday, talking to the medical staff and them telling me all the things he won’t be able to do. That he won’t walk. He won’t talk. He’s not going to be able to feed himself. That you’ll be lucky if he’s able to sit up….And under my breath I was rejecting every last word of it. I wasn’t in denial….But I had a faith that was stronger and bigger than what those facts were.”

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