Racist Graffiti Hits Northwestern…Again

Northwestern University is battling offensive vandalism for the second time in two months.

Construction workers discovered racist remarks targeting Black people along with anti-semitic graffiti on the building site of the new Kellogg School of Management on the lakefront.

Alan Cabbage, vice president for university relations, told the Chicago Tribune that “it is believed the incident happened sometime Saturday or Sunday.”

By Monday morning, the vandalism had been removed. However, construction site workers documented the scene by taking pictures.

Among the graffiti was at least one swatiska, a hooked cross motif symbolic in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Odinism, in addition to racially-motivated content Cubbage would “rather not be more specific” about.

Northwestern dealt with a similar case in April, when police found a penciled swastika and an inked Star of David graffitied in the university’s library study rooms.

Police are currently investigating the most recent graffiti attack.