Racist Retweet Leads to Student Protest

Classroom blackboard; Credit: Thinkstock

#SMH…it seems we use that hashtag a lot around these parts. But it has become so blatant how racism is ever-evolving and spread across social platforms.

In the social media world, usually when someone retweets or shares a person’s post or tweet, it shows a sense of agreeing with the statement made. Even if you didn’t technically say or write it, the perception that you share a similar ideology is automatically projected.

In one of the latest cases, Assistant Principal Amy Strickland has stirred up some hurt feelings among students of Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia causing them to protest and ask for some form of consequence against the school official.

According to WAVY-TV, Strickland, retweeted a racially-insensitive comment and picture in June.

The image, originally posted by Twitter handle, @OrNahhTweets, showed seven White teenage females posing with seven Black males, at what appears to be a school dance, maybe prom or homecoming.


The caption, however, is where the controversy ensues: “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or nahh?”

It wasn’t until recently that students of Booker T. High School came across the circulating image and voiced their hurt.

The students state that they do not want the official to be fired, but action needs to be taken to let administrators and other school leaders, including Strickland know that this incident did not go unnoticed and something needs to be done about it.

Since the voiced opinions and protest that demonstrated at least a dozen students walking out of the school on Monday, Strickland’s offensive tweet has been deleted.

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