Lesson 189 On How A Racial Slur Results in THIS


Have you ever seen a person get kicked off of a train? No, in the literal sense – as in a person’s foot actively kicking someone off the vehicle onto the platform?

Well, get ready because it went down in Chicago and this has to go down as the train departure of a lifetime.

In the video, and yes it’s quite graphic, a White man is heard calling a Black man the n-word. The Black man, who was at one point seated calm and collected, clearly reached his boiling point and proceeded to deliver the most crucially strategic beat down.(Sidebar, this dude got it worse than THIS guy who got hammered while riding the light rail in Sacramento). I mean, there was a pole spin move involved and even a head banging session.

Another highlight, after all was done, Mr. Cool and Collected, returned to his seat on the train, kicked back and continued his journey.

Watch it below.

These fools still haven’t learned their lesson?! Here’s a tip: Don’t be like this guy.