Racial Remarks Sink Another Politician

If you go into politics, one thing you just can’t be oblivious to is the fact that people will dig into the depths of your existence and everything you have ever done in life – regardless of how old or new. Check out THIS CLOWN from earlier this week.

The latest person to learn this the very hard way hails from the Jeb Bush camp. His chief technology officer, Ethan Czahor, was caught off his square when a 2008 taping of his college radio show surfaced exposing racially charged ideologies.

One example: He heaped praise on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but wait for it.  It was for not having “gibberish’ speech and  “pants sagged to his ankles.”

The critiques of Black culture didn’t end there for Czahor, he further shares that:  “Black parents need to get their sh– together.”

The audacity of folk.

Well, you know what happens next, right? Of course, Czahor, a digital guru and co-founder of, put in his resignation and Bush accepted.

After all, he was brought on board to assist with Bush’s “Right to Rise” political action committee and very likely 2016 presidential campaign.

The racially insensitive remarks would crush Bush’s White House bid and could not be dismissed.

When will people learn that in a society filled with cameras, recording devices and social media loyalists, nothing you do or say will get swept under the rug – especially in politics and high-end public positions?

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