Quantasia Sharpton Was Fat-Shamed By The Dusty People Of Twitter

Quantasia Sharpton

Usher’s herpes havoc appears to be never-ending. On Monday, one of Usher’s alleged sexual partners, Quantasia Sharpton, announced the singer slept with her without disclosing his STI status. Sharpton is one of three people to accuse Usher of exposing them to herpes, but she’s the only one to publicly identify herself.

The 21-year-old claimed the “Sometimes” singer didn’t give her the STI, but said the singer should have informed her of his status. Sharpton alleged she was celebrating her 19th birthday when Usher invited her and her friends backstage. After the show, she claims Usher invited her to his hotel room for a private rendezvous.

Naturally, Black Twitter tweeted its way through the scandal. But Twitter users got carried away when men and women alike began ridiculing Sharpton for her weight. People assumed because the woman was not traditionally thin that it was impossible an R&B star like Usher would sleep with her.

Twitter’s crustiest men also hopped on Monday’s fat-shaming bandwagon.

Z-list comedian Lil Duval, best known for his shameless transphobia, proved once again he is well-versed in misognyoir. In addition to bashing Sharpton’s appearance, the comedian (we use that word loosely) called her a bitch and a hoe. Classy, fellow.

But she clapped back at this one — and used Duval’s mama to do so.

The skepticism surrounding Sharpton’s allegations aren’t unfounded. Just a week prior to the press conference the 21-year-old tweeted “I need some money.

New reports claim a source close to Usher says he doesn’t have herpes.

Vibe magazine reports the multi-Grammy winning artist is preparing to file a defamation lawsuit against accusers.

Messy, messy, messy.