Professor Resigns After Obama Comment

Growing up, I was told, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Apparently Florida State University professor Deborah O’Connor did not get that same memo.

O’Conner has come under fire for allegedly accusing President Barack Obama of inspiring a “Ghetto Culture.”

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, O’Conner wrote the following on Facebook in response to a post by New York-based beauty consultant Colin Lively about Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to federally investigate the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice:

“Take your Northern (gay slur) elitism and shove it up your (expletive),” O’Connor wrote on Lively’s Facebook post (they are not Facebook friends, but have one mutual friend on the social media site).

“I teach at a University, you (expletive). What do you do?” she added. “You are an intellectual fraud, just like your Messiah. Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe.”

In an interview, O’Connor told the Tallahassee Democrat: “I’ve learned my lesson about Facebook; let’s just leave it at that,” O’Connor said. “I decided to resign because I didn’t think it was feasible to drag myself and Florida State through this kind of mud.”

Oh, really? She’s learned her lesson about Facebook? What about her lesson regarding racist rants regarding the leader of the Free World? What about that lesson?

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