Soap Actress Sorry for viola Davis Emmy Speech Dig

Now waaait a minute!

As we took in the moment Viola Davis gracefully took center stage to accept and become the first Black woman to win the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” Oscar award, soap opera actress Nancy Lee Grahn, couldn’t fully digest the moment and instead took that time to dismiss Davis’ heartfelt speech via social media.

Privilege Check #1:

Not only does your “love” or lack thereof not matter, you should know that not everything needs to be “scripted” for an actress. It’s called having a brain and intellect outside of whatever character you’re portraying.

What’s from the heart, can not be scripted in that moment unless the person delivering it is the author. Not only was the comment uncalled for, it was done in a tasteless and disrespectful manner.

And your call-out for a ShondaRhimes-written-speech went against you, darling.

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Privilege Check #2

The only way Black women and any marginalized group will gain opportunity and generate awareness about their challenges is if they use their voices! When given a platform, it is not merely enough to gloat and gain accolades. People invest in the humanity behind these characters, as well.

Privilege Check #3

I’m sorry. Did you miss the part where Viola’s win became part of a historical journey? The part where it was announced, she was the FIRST BLACK woman to achieve this honor?

That alone, dismantles any inkling that Viola’s speech should have eased up on the racial tone. Psst …Stop!

The fact that you fixed your twitter fingers to state you’ve been in the industry for 40 years and “wish [you] had opportunity to play the roles she gets” or ruled out the idea of raising the lack of diverse opportunity in Hollywood, tells us a few things but this one may sum it: Step your talent game up.

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded ‘all the seats.’

Right on schedule, the blacklash began, followed by a trite recanting of statements, and then, voila, an apology.

This one…

Another example of how White privilege can be blinding.