Press Secretary Compares Blacks to Zoo Beasts

Credit: Thinkstock

So, uh….Yeah.

It seems like we have to again mar Black History month with news of high profile bigotry.  According to Think Progress, the top adviser for policy and communications for a Republican State Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) posted racially charged statements on Facebook and also urged gentrification for his community as a solution to problems.

You might want to take a seat before you read some of this social media stupidity, which ThinkProgress attributes to Cole.  And yes, move all sharp objects out of reach. The woman in this video was African American and not only did this man shout out the zoo, the hashtag “gentrifytoday” was used.

Mind you, this man was a Baptist pastor.  **takes a deep breath**


Read the whole story HERE and note that this alleged proponent for whitening up neighborhoods tendered his resignation as reported by the TP folks HERE.