President ‘Greeted’ By Confederate Flag

President Obama was “greeted” by Confederate flag supporters outside of his hotel on Wednesday evening.

Several dozen people, roughly 10 of them waving the flag, waited for the president’s motorcade to arrive at its destination. One person also waved a U.S. flag.

Fans of Obama were also present, including one person holding a sign expressing love for him.

The incident comes a week after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed legislation to remove the controversial flag. The campaign for the flag to be taken down was reignited after a lone White gunmen murdered nine Black churchgoers at a historic church last month.

The president is on a two-day trip to Oklahoma. Today he will visit the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution as part of his push to overhaul the criminal justice system.

On Wednesday, President Obama visited Durant, Oklahoma, where he announced a pilot program expanding broadband access to low-income communities.