Pres. Obama Calls Out Fox News

Many question the mainstream media’s narrative when it comes to portraying low-income communities. And with the recent events happening in Baltimore and Ferguson, more scrutiny as to how the underserved are represented can be expected.

It’s one thing to hear it from worker-bees and common citizens. But when President Obama calls out the media? That’s an entirely different ballgame. During a recent poverty summit with Catholic and Evangelical leaders at Georgetown University, Obama addressed how faith communities could aide in transitioning the dialogue when it comes to poverty and policies.

Calling out Fox News specifically, President Obama discussed the repressive way in which media communicates the severity of these topics to the public.

Catch the dialogue in the video below.

Hypothetically, if Fox took heed to the president’s words, do you think it would implement social change? Would conditions improve for the Black mother working two jobs, raising a family, and struggling to pay her bills?

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