Pregnant Woman Beaten for Not Saying “Thank You”

Credit: Thinkstock

When people wonder why women often shy away from confrontations with men, even saying “please” and “thank you” when dealing with creeps who take your politeness as an invitation, let the story Lakeeya Walker remind you that while most men won’t beat you up for a perceived slight, there’s always that one.

Twenty-two-year-old Walker, who is seven weeks pregnant, didn’t need or want any help with the door at the Chelsea-Elliot housing complex in New York City, but some man decided to “help” anyway. When Walker didn’t say “thank you” for the gesture, things turned violent.

Walker told CBS New York:

“Once I entered the building, I didn’t say anything to him. He was mad that I didn’t say thank you, so he called me an ungrateful b***h,” Walker said.

Walker said she told the man she did not need him to hold the door, and said he did not need to speak to her in such a fashion.

“Then he takes his cup of coffee – he was drinking a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – and he throws it at me in my face,” Walker said.

Walker said after that, the man dragged her out and put her up against a gate.

“He then choked me with one hand and then started hitting me repeatedly with the other,” she said.

Police said when Walker tried to get away, the assailant threw her to the ground.

“When he felt good and ready, he pulled me off the gate. He threw me on the floor like a WWE mat, while laying on my back. My feet is in the air. I’m kicking, kicking, kicking, trying to, like, protect myself. He’s kicking me on the stomach, and while he’s doing this, he says to me, ‘I’m going to kick that baby out your womb,’” she said.

Women can’t win. If you don’t fight back when men are rude or abusive to you, people ask you “Why didn’t you fight back? Why did you just let yourself be a victim?” If you do stand up for yourself people will go, “Why did you say anything? You should have said nothing and maybe he would have left you alone.” You can’t win. Walker couldn’t win. Some poor excuse for a man jumped her because he thought he was “owed” her gratefulness. You don’t do nice things to get thank yous, you do them because they’re the right thing. But obviously the perpetrator never learned this lesson.

The NYPD are now looking for 32-year-old Darryl Guillyard as the suspect who attacked Walker. She sustained several bruises and swelling to her face in the attack, and doctors told her that her unborn child has a blood clot on its head.

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