$188M Powerball Winner Sued By Pastor

A North Carolina woman who won the state’s $188 million Powerball jackpot is getting sued by her pastor.

Marie Holmes, 27, is being sued for $10 million for reneging on a verbal contract, according to Pastor Kevin Matthews.

Holmes took home a lump sum payment of $127 million following her Feb. 2015 win. Matthews says he is experiencing emotional and mental distress due to her backing down from a verbal contract they established to purchase land for a 1.5 million retreat facility.

“Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” Pastor Kevin Matthews told Black America Web.

Attorney Ruth Sheehan, who is representing Holmes, said she was not aware of the situation or the lawsuit.

Lawd. More money more problems.