Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 10/31

Southern California High School Bans Twerking

Adding to their list of banned dances, Aliso Niguel High School includes twerking to the list saying it’s sexually suggestive. Those who break the rules could be ineligible for future dances for the remainder of the school year and their parents will be notified.

 Funeral Home Worker Charged with Stealing From Dead Bodies

Pete Jacob Lara, former embalmer at a funeral home in California, has been charged with picking through the mouths of the dead tosteal gold teeth. They say he took teeth, a cremation urn box and medallions used to decorate urn boxes worth more than $1,000 and pawned them off.

White Woman who Posted Racist Halloween Picture Fired

Caitlin Cimeno posted a photo on her Instagram page of two white men portraying the Trayvon Martin shooting and has been fired from her job. It was discovered later that they all have a history of crime and racism following a call to her job to report the incident.  We aired them out in an editorial HERE.

Video Critical to Kendrick Johnson Case Released

In the sad, and confusing, tale of a teen who died mysteriously in his school’s gym, there is yet another chapter.  A video, which shows Kendrick Johnson in his last moments, has been released after much pressure from his family.  Check it out and read more coverage at EBONY.

New Neighborhood Watch Rules in Sanford

This town has been under the national spotlight since the tragic slaying of Trayvon Martin.  Now, the police chief is stepping up to bar neighborhood watch members from carrying weapons and demanding they undergo background checks.

Hero Bus Driver

We know that some bus operators were in the news for negative reasons recently, but here is a driver collecting kudos for saving a woman’s life during his route.  We are truly inspired by Darnell Barton’s actions!

Big Ups for Big Papi

Congratulations to David Ortiz, named World Series MVP after the Boston Red Sox’s huge win last night.