Post It Notes: Hot Headlines On 7/22

Are you suffering from a case of too-many-news-sources-and-not-enough time? Don’t worry, there’s a cure. JET rounds up the relevant headlines of the day in entertainment, breaking news and lifestyle trends.

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1. Justice Is Served

Henry Spooner, the 76-year-old Milwaukee man charged with killing his teenage neighbor Darius Simmons, was sentenced Monday to life without parole for the May 2012 murder. Spooner was found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide last week, but his attorneys argued he was suffering from a mental disease at the time.

2. Zimmerman A Hero?

The former neighborhood watch volunteer apparently rescued someone from an overturned truck last week in what some JET readers are calling a blatant PR move. Plus, a best-selling author not only defended George Zimmerman, but offered to buy him a gun as well. Umm…what?!

3. J. Cole Issues Apology

The rapper has been added to the list of artists with controversial song lyrcis. In Drake’s “Jodeci Freestyle,” the recent number-one Billboard 200 artist contributed to the song by rapping that he’s “artistic,” while his competition or rivals are “autistic, retarded.” He admits he went too far and issued an apology on his blog Sunday.

4. The Butler Title Dispute Ends

A final ruling by the Motion Picture Association has allowed Lee Daniels to keep his title for “The Butler.” The film company had been disputing with Warner Brothers over the title because the same one was used in a 1916 silent film. The Weinstein Company is expected to pay a $400,000 fine for the movie that comes out August 16.

5. Lil’ Kim Releases Video Clip

Queen Bee revealed a teaser to her new video for “Look Like Money” over the weekend. The rapper released the song earlier this month to commemorate her 39th birthday. The clip shows Lil’ Kim dressed in all white in front of expensive cars. So what else is new?

6. Spike Lee’s New Joint

The film director announced a Kickstarter project for his latest venture on Monday, asking for $1,250,000 to fund his next movie. In a short video explaining the project, Spike Lee announces his new movie will be about human beings who are addicted to blood. So far, he’s raised about $16,000 with nearly 300 backers, but the project will cease to exist if all of the money isn’t raised by August 21.

7. Dwayne Wade’s Divorce

Well, that only took forever. After splitting six years ago, the Miami Heat star and his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches have finally reached a “very generous” financial settlement. Recently, Funches was spotted in Chicago seemingly indicating she was on the streets. But there’s still the issue of custody, since the former Mrs. Wade reportedly wants visitation again. We hope they resolve everything soon!