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Halle Berry Helps Pass Anti-Paparazzi Law

California Governor George Berry signed a bill that imposes tougher penalties on photographers who harass stars and their children. Offenders now can spend up to a year in jail instead of six months and be fined as much $30,000. The actress, who is expecting her second child, lobbied for months to pass the new legislation, citing her own experiences with the paparazzi.

Kanye West Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Spoof

The late night talk show created a skit based off of Ye’s chat with BBC’s Zane Lowe, hiring two children to act out the interview using the actual transcript. Well, the rapper didn’t think it was very funny, and took to twitter to show his lack of appreciation. “JIMMY KIMMEL, I DON’T TAKE IT AS A JOKE…. YOU DON’T HAVE SCUM BAGS HOPPING OVER FENCES TRYING TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR DAUGHTER,” Mr. West tweeted.  Check out more of their beef and other celebs fighting it out in our weekly column, Keeping it 140 with Kyra.

Obama Offers Detroit $30 Million

The Michigan city will be receiving some help from the President to help combat the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation’s history. While the money will not directly be used to reduce the debt, about half of it is going towards removing blighted buildings. Several Obama administration cabinet secretaries are expected to be in town today with the funds.

Beyonce Meets 18-Year-Old College Grad

Queen Bey was so impressed by James Martin’s accomplishments that she invited him and his family backstage at her Philly show. At only 18, the graduate has already earned a molecular biology degree and plans to attend Princeton University to pursue his Ph.D. “I wanted you to come here. I wanted to shake your hand because I’m so proud of you and it’s just incredible how brilliant you are,” the superstar said in a YouTube video she posted.

Administration Encourages Universities to Boost Diversity

The Obama administration told colleges and universities Friday they can continue to use admissions to increase diversity among their students, even in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that could potentially open the door to more challenges. The Supreme Court ruled June 24 that schools should approve the use of race as a factor in admissions only after concluding “that no workable race-neutral alternatives would produce the educational benefits of diversity.” The 7-1 decision, stemming from a case challenging the University of Texas admission plan, did not question the underpinnings of affirmative action.

Designer Replaces Runway Models With Step Teams

Rick Owens peeped the lack of diversity during New York Fashion Week, so he decided to mix it up a bit in Paris. By recruiting various steppers from all across the U.S., including some from sororities, the ladies stomped and clapped  their way down the runway to give one unforgettable performance. The show is already being dubbed as one of the biggest displays of women of color any Fashion Week has ever seen.  Consider this a step-up challenge!

Rock the Bells Concerts Cancelled

The famed two-day festival scheduled in Washington D.C. and New York have both been cancelled due to low ticket sales. “We did everything in our power to save the show. Unfortunately, the financial loss would have been devastating,” said Guerilla Union owner Chang Weisberg on the website. J. Cole, Wu-Tang Clan and Kendrick Lamar were some of the artists set to perform. Fans will be given full refunds.

Actors Claim Racial Harassment

Cherie Johnson of “Punky Brewster” and “Family Matters” fame along with her boyfriend Dennis White, who has starred in “Notorious” are speaking out about what they feel was a racially motivated harassment by police while traveling in South Carolina.  Handcuffs, hostility, and a tea bag, mistaken for marijuana, was involved.  Yeah, it’s bad.  Read and join us in SMHing.