Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 8/22

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Nasdaq Crashes

A mysterious technical glitch halted trading on the Nasdaq for three hours Thursday in the latest major electronic breakdown on Wall Street, embarrassing the stock exchange that hosts the biggest names in technology, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, according to the Associated Press. Nasdaq sent an alert to traders shortly after noon and reopened stocks for trading soon after 3 p.m.

Antoinette Tuff Hailed As A Hero

Atlanta-area police said Wednesday that school bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff was heroic in how she responded after being taken hostage a day earlier by Michael Brandon Hill, a 20-year-old man with a history of mental health issues. Hill went to the school armed with an AK 47-style rifle and nearly 500 rounds of ammunition, police said.

Obama Endorses Cory Booker

President Barack Obama has backed Newark’s mayor for state senator during a formal endorsement speech Wednesday. Obama praised the politician for his work in New Jersey and explained how much of an asset he would be if elected. “Cory will be an important partner in our efforts to reduce gun violence, give every American a fair shot in a global economy, and make our country stronger,” he said.

Sybrina Fulton Releases Song

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, has been vocal about her son’s untimely death. But now she’s getting her message across in a new way…through song. On Tuesday, Fulton, along with gospel artist T-D.O.G.G., released “Joy in the Morning” in honor of the slain teenager.

Allen Iverson To Retire

If you already thought Allen Iverson was retired, you’re not alone. The former basketball star, who hasn’t played since 2010, is officially putting his jersey to rest. Iverson, an 11-time All-Star who played for the Philadelphia 76ers for more than 10 seasons, plans to announce his retirement from the NBA soon.

Marvin Gaye III Speaks Out

The soul singer’s son told TMZ he plans to respond to Robin Thicke’s preemptive lawsuit with some legal action of his own. Earlier this month, Thicke announced a lawsuit to protect his summer hit “Blurred Lines” from allegations that he stole the sound from Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.” Marvin Gaye III also said the lawsuit is a “total slap in the face” and Thick essentially built a career off copying his father.

Black Twitter Becomes Official

Not sure if Wikipedia’s new addition, Black Twitter, deserves a celebration, but nevertheless, African Americans can say they have something else to call their own. The website describes it as a “cultural identity,” which is focused on any issue pertaining to the “Black community.” There are even statistics to show what percentage of the Black population uses the social media site. Interesting. Wonder if Facebook next?

Photographer Sues Kanye

The photographer, who claims he was physically attacked by rapper Kanye West last July, filed a lawsuit Wednesday. Daniel Ramos was at the Los Angeles International Airport trying to take photos when he says Kanye punched him and tried to knock the camera to the ground. Ramos is claiming assault, battery, negligence and violation of his civil rights, according to the Associated Press.

 2 Chainz Arrested

The rapper was one of 11 people arrested after refusing to get off a tour bus early Thursday morning, according to the Associated Press. He was charged with obstructing a police officer. The officer pulled over the bus near midnight because of an illegal taillight and noticed drug use. The driver was arrested; however, the door to the bus closed behind him and the remaining passengers did not get off until a warrant was obtained around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Trayvon Martin Inspires Law & Order Episode

Did anyone else see this one coming? We all watched the George Zimmerman trial play out over the summer. Now it seems that the high-profile case is making its way back to our TV screens, but this time it’ll receive the Hollywood treatment. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which is notorious for ripping their plots from real headlines, is reportedly planning to adapt the Trayvon Martin tragedy into an episode that will air later this year. Will you be watching?

Nixon Tapes Reveal Racist Comments

President Richard Nixon had more than a few unkind words to say about Jewish people and Blacks. In tapes recorded between recorded between April 9 and July 12, 1973, the 37th president made several anti-Semitic comments and said Blacks were incapable of running a country. Hmm…we wonder how we would feel about Barack Obama?

Metallica To Perform At Apollo

For a group that’s toured all over the world, you’d think Metallica would have performed at almost every major venue there is. Not quite. On September 21, the band will be performing at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York as part of a SiriusXM radio concert. Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Georgia Student Banned From Social Media

Guess Caleb Clemmons learned his lesson. A Georgia judge has banned the former Georgia Southern University psychology student has been banned from social media for five years following a prank threat he posted earlier this year on his Tumblr page. At the time, Clemmons told authority his post was “an experimental literary piece and an art project,” but they weren’t buying it. Clemmons has already served six months in jail.