Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines On 7/23

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Triple Murder in Cleveland

Michael Madison, 35, of Cleveland, was charged Monday with the murder and kidnapping of three women. Bail has been set at $6 million for the man who  was a registered sex offender at the time of his arrest. The cause of death is unknown at this time because two of the victims were badly decomposed.

Celebrities Boycotting Florida

Who is and who isn’t? That seems to be the question some people are wondering after a list of celebrities boycotting Florida in light of the Zimmerman verdict/Stand Your Ground law surfaced on the Internet. So far, Stevie Wonder, Mary Mary and Eddie Levert are among the confirmed celebrities halting performances in the state. But Jay Z, Kanye and Usher were reported to be on the list as well.

He’s baaack!

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, better known as RG3, announced on Twitter Monday that his doctor has cleared him to return to practice. The athlete was injured several times during the season and had reconstructive surgery on his right knee earlier this year, but he is expected to join the rest of the team at training camp in Fairfax, Virginia on Wednesday.

It’s Unbe-weave-able!

We all know Beyonce fans can get a little crazy but this one takes the cake. During her concert Monday night in Montreal, one of the electronic stage fans got a hold of Baddie B’s weave, requiring an army to pry her free of its mighty grip. And what does a pro like Bey do in a situation like this? Keep singing like nothing happened and write a song making fun of yourself later.

Kelly Rowland Airs “Dirty Laundry”

Kelly Rowland airs her “dirty laundry” to the world in her latest music video. In the visuals for the confessional ballad, we see the singer cry as she recounts her personal struggles including living in Beyonce’s shadow for most of her career as well as an abusive past relationship.

Breezy and Drizzy Dismissed

Looks like Chris Brown and Drake are off the hook. A NYC judge ruled that neither of the two artists will have to cough up that $16 million in defamation charges to the Manhattan nightclub next door to the one they nearly destroyed back in 2012 after throwing bows (and bottles) over Rihanna.

“Trapped in the Closet” Chapter 33

Just when you thought it was over, R. Kelly’s mind conjures up yet another chapter of “Trapped in the Closet” foolery. In a new behind-the-scenes video, Kelly and his co-star also known as “Twan” show us what we can expect from the forthcoming episode and all we can say is, grab your popcorn.

Yeezy Video Game

Kanye West can now be seen on your TV, read about on your iPad, heard on your radio and played on your game console. Yes, you heard correct. A videogame of the Chicago rapper just released. It’s a Japanese role-playing game called “Kanye Quest 3030.” The game is set in the future and West serves as the protagonist. Other featured artists include Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Tupac, Lil B and the Notorious B.I.G.  West didn’t endorse this, so maybe he only prefers real-life confrontation, like with the paparazzi.