‘Poor N***er Party’ Printed On Photos

A Texas couple is suing the owner of a photo booth that was at their wedding, claiming his company is responsible for a racist caption on some of the guests’ printed pictures.

The bride and groom, both African-American, hired Premier Photography to provide an attendant and photo booth at their wedding reception in 2012. The photo caption was supposed to say the couple’s first names and the wedding date. Instead, it said “Poor Ni**er Party” for some guests.

poor nigger party

“Anybody would find this caption offensive. I’m offended by it. I don’t want to say it,”Attorney Cathy Hale told ABC13. Hale represents the couple who is suing the company for negligence, mental anguish and breach of contract. “They trusted this company to provide them with a service on their most important day and what they got was the complete opposite; they got a slap in the face. Every time they think about their anniversary, they think about this. It’s never going to go away.”

James Evans, who owns the booth, denied the allegations, according to documents filed in civil court. Evans and his lawyer wrote that there is no evidence linking the company to the offensive caption and no evidence of mental anguish.

Hale says her clients were hoping for an apology. Mediation on the matter is scheduled for Thursday morning. If no agreement is reached, the case is set to begin in July.