Opinion: Pool Party Bias, History Repeating

The date was June 18, 1964.

It was the thick of the civil rights movement when Black and white protesters made the bold choice to jump in a “whites only” hotel pool.

The active response?

The hotel owner poured acid into the pool. Swimmers moved to the center of the water and were later pulled out and taken to jail – some in suits, others naked and some burned.

That much hate. That much anger directing acts of utter ugliness.

The recent pool party actions making headlines and infuriating a wide race of people, brings these historical happenings to the forefront of minds. Again, we are reminded that society is unjust and the fight for racial equality is a long cry from true tangible freedom.

We’re asked to remain strong, but it’s a battle not to break when witnessing the treatment 15-year-old Dajeirra Becton received when a White cop used inexcusable force and tactics in a so-called attempt to control a chaotic situation, in McKinney Texas.

THIS Image is not okay.

And now, in the eyes of one McKinney resident, Cpl. Eric Casebolt, who has a history of racially-motivated acts, “deserves a medal.

Her interview with CNN can be viewed below.

See, it’s hard to understand the depths of these situations when your children don’t have to worry about staring down the barrel of a gun just for being of a darker hue. Or stress about being in the presence of law enforcement because within minutes, the environment has potential to turn volatile.

So, this woman’s comments, though hurtful and lacking compassion, can be understood (if not excused).

Nothing about the pool party incident warranted the pulling of a gun, two knees to a female teenager’s back, every race (except for White) on the ground in handcuffs, and aggressive, profane language.

FOX news, your services aren’t needed, either.

The racially-motivated and chaotic scenario is NOT a cause for your broadcast of pool safety rules. I’m sure you understand now after receiving a nice verbal whipping for your coverage courtesy of Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore.

People, these are fellow humans being mistreated, dismissed and devalued. We’re in a sad, so very not post-racial place and history is repeating.  Please, make it stop.